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{GEEK MOM} Family Game Night

We’ve recently declared Sunday to be our “Family Game Night.”  We usually play a preschool-friendly game with our eldest geekling (this week was yahtzee jr.) and then the hubs and I play a game just the two of us (tonight was Munchkin).  We’re looking for recommendations on games!  What are some absolute “must-try” games that are favourites in your house? :)


(This is Carcasonne, the first game the hubs and I played together.  Absolutely loved it and highly recommend it!)

We’ve started a fundraising campaign with Indiegogo, an online funding platform for anyone who wants to raise funds for their projects.

Our fundraiser is for $800, and will be used towards purchasing a laser temperature gun and an infared flash dryer, which will greatly speed up our manufacturing times!

To see our campaign, please visit the Geekling Designs Indiegogo Campaign.  Even if you can’t contribute financially, please share the campaign with others.  Every little bit helps! :)

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